Student Support and Opportunities

Connects Arizona college students to different support networks and resources. Stay tuned for further updates.

ASU Student Support

American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI)

The American Indian Policy Institute is committed to transforming American Indian policy analysis using a trans-disciplinary approach. There are few substantive policy issues in Indian Country that can be adequately addressed by uni-dimensional approaches. In the past, one of the short-comings of policy work affecting tribes has been narrowly conceived assessments of issues. As a trans-disciplinary organization, the Policy Institute collaborates with other departments and centers at ASU as well as with organizations outside of ASU on its projects and initiatives. One of the major benefits the Policy Institute brings to research projects is the ability to organize a team of experts drawn from the vast expertise within Arizona State University.

ASU Innovation Challenge 

The Arizona State University Innovation Challenge seeks undergraduate and graduate students from across the university who are dedicated to making a difference in our local and global communities through innovation. Students can win up to $10,000 to make their innovative project, prototype, venture or community partnership ideas happen.

Engaging in the ASU Innovation Challenge prepares students for their professional and academic futures by providing an opportunity for them to practice their skills in teamwork, leadership, project development, business plan creation, public speaking, and network creation. Students will also become prepared to enter into additional competitions for business plans and innovative projects.

ASU Lodestar Center 

The ASU Lodestar Center exists to advance nonprofit leadership practice so that organizations can better achieve their mission. Whether the mission is to advance arts and culture, affordable housing, youth development, environmental sustainability, neighborhood revitalization, or a host of other community goals, effective nonprofit organizations improve individual lives and enhance our entire community.

ASU Venture Catalyst

The Catalyst is the next step in Arizona State University’s (ASU) evolution of helping ventures find critical resources to succeed. ASU aspires to make a positive global impact and transform global society through integrating use-inspired research, education and entrepreneurship to leverage the unique personality and substantial assets of Arizona.

The Venture Catalyst at ASU is designed to assist student entrepreneurs in developing and connecting to resources that will assist in accelerating their venture to the next level. The Catalyst works with affiliates to develop the best mix of services and access for each individual venture through its state-of-the-art venture services platform. The Catalyst uses its own personnel, as well as collaborators from its extensive network, to provide this full range of acceleration services. In addition, ASU offers multiple funding opportunities for student ventures. Some of these opportunities offer not just initial seed funding, but mentorship and office space to assist ventures with business development

Community Action Research Experiences (CARE) Program

The Community Action Research Experiences (CARE) program is a year-long concentration (beginning Spring semester and continuing through Summer and Fall semesters) that provides a rare opportunity for talented ASU sophomores and juniors of all majors. The purpose of the CARE program is to integrate the research and teaching mission of the university, service to the community, and civic engagement of students. The core of the CARE program involves community partners, students and faculty working together to address a question that is important to the community partners. The applied research projects (problem definition, data collection, analyses, results, and implications) represent the service provided to the community partners. Collaborations are intended to enhance organizations’ evidence-informed policy and practice and to increase students’ capacity for leadership in community improvement.

Changemaker Central @ ASU

Changemaker Central is a student-run centralized resource hub for student involvement in entrepreneurship, civic engagement, service learning and community service that catalyzes student-driven social change. Changemaker Central, located on all four campuses, serves as a key gathering space for ASU’s social innovators.

Changemaker Award for Group Service

The Changemaker Award for Group Service is awarded to an ASU student group that has made significant contributions to the community through group participation or partnership. Students cannot apply for the award but can be nominated.

Changemaker Award for Social Change

The Changemaker Award for Social Change is awarded to an ASU student or student group that has effectively raised awareness and made an impact on one or more social issues.

Changemaker Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The Changemaker Entrepreneur of the Year Award is awarded to an ASU student or group who has created a business, product, website, or patent that has become successful in the real world, or has developed an innovative idea that has potential to impact local and global communities.

Changemaker of the Year Award

The Changemaker of the Year Award is awarded to ASU students who demonstrate leadership and dedication to the ASU and overall community in areas of service, service-learning, and high-impact careers. Students cannot apply for the award but can be nominated.

Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative

The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative harnesses the entrepreneurial energy, excitement and creativity found in ASU’s student body. It provides funding, office space and training for teams of students across the university to explore their innovative ideas for business products and services in partnership with faculty, researchers and successful entrepreneurs from both the academic and private sectors. The program will help students succeed in any enterprise, large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, domestic or global.

Entrepreneurship @ ASU

ASU students of all majors use entrepreneurship as a means to solve local and global challenges. ASU faculty and students identify local and global needs, articulate how to meet them and move forward with implementing entrepreneurial solutions, regardless of whether they are pursuing, for instance, business, social work, or the arts. Entrepreneurship opportunities are offered in- and outside of the classroom and in a wide variety of departments and schools.

Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS)

In the EPICS GOLD program at ASU, teams of multi-disciplinary students with varying interests and strengths work on projects in a series of service learning classes (EPICS I, II, and III) that solve engineering and technology-based problems with not-for-profit community agencies, schools, and government units. This partnership provides many benefits to the students and the community alike.

Innovation Advancement Program (IAP)

The Innovation Advancement Program (IAP) is an innovative program at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law that pairs inventors, technology entrepreneurs, tech transfer professionals, and emerging technology companies with some of ASU’s brightest students in law, business, engineering, and the sciences.   Multi-disciplinary student teams can undertake a wide array of legal and business planning services that help early stage ventures solidify their legal and business foundations, avoiding many of the mistakes and pitfalls often made when moving technology into the marketplace.

Maker Pitch

Maker Pitch provides students and community members with the opportunity to pitch their ideas for new technologies and products in front of a live crowd. Entrepreneurs and professionals will sit on the judging panel and award a variety of prizes to selected participants. The event itself is open to the public and attendance is free.

The Spirit of Enterprise Center

The W.P. Carey Spirit of Enterprise Center (“Spirit”): connects sponsors, volunteers, nominees, award recipients, family businesses, students, faculty and alumni to entrepreneurial networks, resources and opportunities. They offer a guest speaker program in which students gain valuable insight into the mindset, inspiration and passion of entrepreneurs. The STEP program (Student Teams for Entrepreneurship Projects), provides hands-on learning opportunities for students; linking teams of W. P. Carey Students with businesses to serve as class projects, case studies, and other learning objectives that result in value-added services for the business.

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) provides involvement opportunities for students in over 800 student organizations. Arizona State University recognizes participation in involvement activities as a vital component in the attainment of the mission of the University and the personal development of its students. Participation in students organizations can complement the student’s academic program of study and enhance the overall educational experience. In addition, participation in activities is positively related to persistence and graduation and provides opportunities for teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

University Initiatives 

The Office of University Initiatives (UI) is a cultural catalyst at ASU. Through collaboration with other offices and departments across the university, in addition to state, national and international leaders, UIs helps make an impact in key areas related to entrepreneurship, social embeddedness, university innovation and education at ASU. UI helps ASU be creative with resources and programming in order to maximize the impact our university has on Arizona and the world. Much of what they do involves bringing people together within ASU and throughout our surrounding communities, and then connecting these people to resources that help them reach their goals.  They have helped establish ASU’s Stardust Center for Affordable Homes & the Family, and have respond to university needs by developing a searchable database and map of ASU partnerships and securing ASU as a Kauffman Campus.

Women in Science and Engineering

WISE is the premiere leadership development program for women enrolled in Arizona State University College of Technology and Innovation. The WISE mission is to gather, guide and advance women pursuing careers in ST(EM)2 fields: science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, mathematics and management with the goal of preparing the next generation of female technical professionals and leaders to take on the world’s toughest problems.

Women in Science and Engineering Program (WISE), College of Technology and Innovation (CTI)

WISE is the premiere leadership development program for women enrolled in Arizona State University College of Technology and Innovation. When the organization was founded in 2009, WISE was an acronym for Women in Science and Engineering. Since then, WISE has expanded its reach to include women majoring in management and entrepreneurship programs in the college. The WISE mission is to gather, guide and advance women pursuing careers in ST(EM)2 fields: science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, mathematics and management. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of female technical professionals and leaders to take on the world’s toughest problems.

U of A Student Support

Arizona Innovation Research

The Arizona Innovation Research (AIR) strives to be the premier university based research group studying the role of innovation in organizations and society. The AIR aims to develop and conduct high quality research related to the emergence and diffusion of innovation and the development, functioning and viability of systems of innovation and associated relations, and interconnections.

Commercialization Research On Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Commercialization Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CRIE) organizes data for scholars to do better research. CRIE seeks to make data available in both contiguous and relational form. The primary data asset of CRIE is the U.S. Patent Data.  For more information about CRIE as well as a free version of the data base that allows you to query much of its information see the following website

Idea Funding

Idea Funding brings together entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders from across Southern Arizona. Through educational workshops, poster presentations, a rocket pitch competition, and access to the Desert Angels Dinner meeting, aspiring entrepreneurs will make the “Connections for Growth” necessary to help bring your business ideas successfully to market.

McGuire Center For Entrepreneurship 

The Mission of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship is to help students improve their potential and advance society by developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.  For more information about the Center and related opportunities and events, see the following website.

Northern Arizona University Student Support

Community Re-engagement For Arizona Families, Transitions and Sustainability (CRAFTS) 

CRAFTS is a Northern Arizona University initiative to support the many community partners, student based Action Research Teams, and members of the broader Flagstaff community in their efforts towards shifting the pedagogical structure in higher education while practicing the very essence of living sustainably through civic democratic practices.

Outside Arizona

Leadership ExCHANGE, a social entrepreneurship and leadership study abroad program

Established in 1999, Leadership exCHANGE is an educational organization dedicated to providing young people with the skills and opportunities they need to become active and responsible citizens in this global community. Our programs are endorsed by the International Leadership Association. We believe that young people are a remarkable source of imagination and drive. At Leadership exCHANGE, we give them the resources and support to transform their ideas into action — so they can move the world.

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)

Family [of associations] organizes and educates affordable group equity co-ops and their members for the purpose of promoting a community oriented cooperative movement.  Since 1968, NASCO and its affiliates have been working with students, worker-owners, activists, and community members who are interested in applying cooperative principles to meet their needs and fulfill their various missions. NASCO provides education and technical assistance to its members and co-op organizing groups, assists its members in communicating with each other, acts to educate the public in cooperative principles and practices, and promotes the co-op movement as a whole.

Tutor Hunt

Looking for a tutor? Want to advertise your tutoring services? Tutor Hunt is an online community designed to bring students and tutors together. Located in California, this organization has two goals: To find the perfect teacher for every student who comes to our site; and also to allow tutors to present their teaching accreditations to a large number of pupils.

Additional Student Support

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a unifying association formed in 2004 to advance the common interests of more than 20,000 nonprofits in the Grand Canyon State. They are a statewide organization of, by, and for all of Arizona’s nonprofits. The name “Alliance” is strategic. More than a mere “coalition” or an “association,” an “alliance” involves collective action for a purpose: “an association to further the common interests of the members.” The Alliance is an action-oriented group of partners across the state – both nonprofits and those in the community who support them – dedicated to furthering the common interests of Arizona’s nonprofits.

Enterprise Design 4 Impact

Enterprise Design 4 IMPACT drives positive change by thoughtful application of best business practices and creative design thinking. They work with leadership teams to achieve impact by attracting resources, aligning mission with measurements and creating compelling appeals for investors of all types – philanthropic, professional advisors and volunteers.

Social Venture Partners

The Social Venture Partners is a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose.  They take an innovative approach to philanthropy, leveraging financing, networks and professional skills to support investees’ capacity to deliver positive social impact in the Phoenix metro area. In this way, SVP cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle our desert community’s social challenges.

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