Overview:  Applied Learning Technologies Institute (Alt^I) is an innovative hub, which brings together specialists in a number of fields relating to Educational technology and web design.  Director Ruvi Wijesuriya worked with Professor Vanna Gonzales to set up the project website; design and develop its functionality; and support the SEAZ innovation team in developing social media tools for the site in order to generate greater awareness and information regarding the social economy in Arizona.

Project:  The SEAZ student team was comprised of three graduate students: Jeff Calleja, Nicholas Friend, and Olga Lykhvar.  After discussing the initial goals and objectives of the website with Dr. Gonzales and Mr. Wijesuriya, the student team decided to create, develop, and incorporate the following social media tools: interactive videos, a Facebook fan page, a YouTube account, and a web-based interactive discussion forum.  These social media outlets were selected for their ability to help position the SEAZ website as an innovative hub (web portal) that provides a collaborative space for academics, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and local community members to share their ideas and thoughts about the emerging social economy.

PROJECT REPORT (click below to view)

SEAZ Social Media Project Report

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