Legal resources provide an outlet for aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits that may not have all the resources upon the initial development of social enterprises. In order to further expand within the community and increase sustainability, owners must integrate resources specific to non-profits which may often require legal advice. The sources provided have specific knowledge geared toward non-profit legal, tax and business information.

Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education
4201 N. 24th Street Suite 210
Phoenix, Arizona 85016-6288
Phone: 602-340-7366 Fax: 602-773-3105

The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes through fostering and maintaining the honor and integrity of the profession of the law; studying, improving and facilitating the administration of justice; promoting the study of the law and research therein; and supporting programs designed to assist in the delivery of legal services or for law-related education

Ellis Carter, Founder
Non-profit Legal Services
Carter Law Group, P.C.
Phone: (602) 456-0071

The Carter Law Group, P.C. provides advice and council to non-profit and tax exempt organizations. Ms. Carter has expertise in economic development, grant-making foundations and the movement of social enterprise. Through the Carter Law Group, P.C. website you can contact full-service representation and resources to online legal services.

Michelle Roddy
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
Arizona State University
1100 S. McAllister Avenue | P.O. Box 877906 | Tempe, AZ  85287
Telephone: 480.965.4151 | Fax: 480.727.8955

The Pro Bono Program links ASU law students and pro bono lawyers to Arizonans in need of legal assistance. Michelle works with a number of student-run pro bono programs including the Business Legal Assistance Program, Consumer Advocacy Protection Program, and Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists.  Resources are limited, but Michelle may be able to connect you to a pro bono program or direct you to legal resources available in the community.

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