Jessica Gordon Nembhard Ph.D.

Jessica Gordon Nembhard is is an associate professor of community justice and social economic development in the Department of African-American Studies at John Jay College, CUNY. She is also a consultant (formerly Research Director) to the Preamble Center, Washington, DC. From 1997-2000, she was Senior Economist at Morgan State University’s Institute for Urban Research; and was Economic Development Analyst for the Black Community Crusade for Children of the Children’s Defense Fund from 1993-1996. Dr. Nembhard’s current areas of interest include democratic community-based economic development, alternative urban development strategies, cooperative economics, race and economic inequality, wealth inequality, and popular economic literacy.

How can community-based economic development bring economic empowerment and prosperity to underdeveloped, marginalized and underserved communities – particularly communities of color suffering from institutional racism and economic inequality?  This is one of the big questions Jessica Gordon Nembhard addresses in her work as a political economist specializing in economic development policy, Black political economy, and popular economic literacy. Gordon Nembhard

On Feb. 14, Gordon Nembhard shared with the ASU community some of her research on African-American participation in, and design of, alternative democratic economic strategies, in which she’s studied how African-American scholars and activists over the last 300 years have viewed and engaged in cooperative economics. Her talk – “Black Co-op Pioneers in the Struggle for Economic Justice” was recorded and can be watched here:

Jessica Gordon Nembhard – Feb 14th, 2011 at Arizona State University from Social Economy Arizona
Gordon Nembhard’s presentation slides are included below:

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