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The concept of the solidarity economy is rooted in a desire to shift economic principles towards solidary, participation, cooperation, and reciprocity. Both nationally and internationally, projects have begun with the purpose of creating a map that will make this Solidarity Economy tangible.  Individuals and communities are participating in efforts to create accurate directories within their regions to spread the word about their businesses and to encourage participation in this movement.  Below, are a list of current maps around the world that turn the Solidarity Economy into a physical concept.  Please feel free to explore the following websites to become involved, to learn more, or contact us if you know of a map/directory we have not included.  Many thanks to Craig Borowiak (Haverford University) for making this information publically available.

National Directories

Philadelphia Mapping Project
The Philadelphia Mapping Project, sponsored by Haverford University, has mapped Philadelphia’s social economy and broken it down into easy to navigate categories.  The website also provides a brief overview of Solidarity Economy as well as links to other national and international mapping projects.

Solidarity NYC
Solidarity NYC not only hosts its map of NYC, it also provides a list of resources on the solidarity economy and invites community members to get involved.

The Solidarity Economy, Boston, MA
This website maps Boston’s social economy by creating separate maps for different categories.

International Directories
The following sites are in different languages; if you are not fluent in their languages, they will require an Internet browser which can translate.


The Brazilian Solidarity Economy Forum
The Brazilian Solidarity Economy Forum (FBES) is a website which provides a variety of resources and research to persons interested in the Brazilian social economy.

Quebec Social Economy
The Quebec Social Economy website is an online database of resources and organizations within the social economy.  The site provides tools to develop the social economy through its actors and partners.

Zoes is an Italian social economy resource.  It offers community news, resources, and even posts job offers.  Zoes is a tool to facilitate the uptake of sustainable lifestyles, to network the various ways to make a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

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