Jack Whitfield-Gash had been jailed for sexual intercourse by having a young kid and put on the intercourse offenders register but has breached certain requirements five times

Jack Whitfield-Gash had been jailed for sexual intercourse by having a young kid and put on the intercourse offenders register but has breached certain requirements five times

A sex offender happens to be jailed after refusing to adhere to a requirement to join up their details with authorities for the 5th time.

Jack Whitfield-Gash ended up being jailed in 2017 for having activity that is sexual a kid aged under 16 and for that reason ended up being positioned on the intercourse offenders sign up for a decade.

Nevertheless, he declined to acknowledge their status as an intercourse offender and will not think he must have to signal the register, a court heard.

Being outcome he’s got now been prosecuted for breaching it five times into the previous couple of years and keeps getting delivered back to jail.

Barry Robson, protecting, told Newcastle Crown Court: “It is the fifth time he happens to be on these sets of offences.

“He had not been in a position to be prepared for the sexual intercourse fee in which he was struggling to accept he’s an intercourse offender and I also’m likely to make use of those terms also though he will never wish me personally to.

” He has got absented himself from complying because of the intercourse offenders subscribe requirements on a quantity of occasions.

” He has a blindness concerning the conviction in which he chooses never to go directly to the authorities place while he should.

” He has problems accepting he could be an intercourse offender but he results in as someone who’s maybe perhaps maybe not incapable of understanding. He’s extremely razor- sharp and understanding.”

It absolutely was in August 2017 at Durham Crown Court that Whitfield-Gash had been jailed for 16 months after being convicted sexual intercourse with a kid.

He breached the intercourse offenders enroll requirements in December 2017 and ended up being jailed for ten times.

In-may this past year he got an eight week suspended phrase for the next breach then in December he had been jailed for 14 months for maybe maybe not complying once again.

Then, previously this present year, he had been locked up for 26 days for the breach that is fourth.

Having been released in August, he needs to have registered their address within 3 days or informed the authorities he didn’t if he was homeless, but.

He had been arrested in Newcastle town centre, on Mosley Street, on 14, when he was found to have four wraps of what appeared to be cocaine but which turned out to be crushed paracetamol september.

Whitfield-Gash, 22, of no fixed target, pleaded bad to failing continually to adhere to certain requirements regarding the intercourse offenders register and wanting to have a medication.

Judge Tim Gittins, jailing him for 10 months, said: “You may actually think you’re not an offender, you appear to think you’re not a danger to others.

“If you’re not a danger, you ought to show it, you will need to adhere to these purchases for some time. If you do not, then for breaching your order the utmost phrase is 5 years while the sentences are going to get longer and much longer.

“This, i am afraid, shows for the 5th time a really persistent refusal to comply with your order.

“You think, by perhaps perhaps not signing to intercourse offenders subscribe you’ll not be susceptible to it but that is just incorrect, or that since you are not a sex offender you’re not at the mercy of it you are incorrect – you may be a convicted intercourse offender.

“You may dispute that however the concern is, if you do not adhere to this purchase, you may be wilfully attempting to avoid it and head out and commit offences. This is exactly why breaching your order is taken therefore seriously.”

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