Local Examples

Conspire is a collectively owned and operated multi-use art space, gallery, boutique, library and café.  Members work together to construct an alternative space where artists and community members can cultivate, develop and link together with other artists, designers, jewelers, crafters and people who appreciate them.  Based on local interests and creativities. Conspire aims to build local networks and cultivate relationships within the downtown Phoenix arts community.


Arcosanti: In 1970, the Cosanti Foundation began building Arcosanti, an urban laboratory in the high desert of Arizona, 70 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix.  Construction of the Arcosanti is designed according to the concept of arcology (architecture + ecology), developed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri.  In this complex, creative environment, apartments, businesses, technology, studios and open space are all accessible, while privacy is paramount in the overall design.  As an urban laboratory, Arcosanti is an educational process as much as a construction/production site.  Its five-week workshop program teaches building techniques and arcological philosophy, while continuing the city’s construction with the help of volunteers and students who come from around the world to participate in its on-going construction.


Flash Food 


Flash Food reduces food insecurity and the environmental impact of food waste by recovering excess food. Nearly 50 million Americans struggle to put food on their tables, while 40% of food in the US is wasted, with 129 billion pounds coming from restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores. Wasted food also accounts for 25% of US methane emissions, a gas which is 20 times more effective at retaining heat than carbon dioxide and is believed to be a significant contributor to global climate change. If we recovered 15% of the food we throw away, we could feed 25 million Americans for a year.

Visit their site at the following URL: http://flashfoodrecovery.com



UNCHAINED was established in 2011 through a collaboration of community members, survivors and advocates who are committed to abolishing domestic sex trafficking. Recognizing the need for activists, UNCHAINED was developed to raise awareness and to become a resource for victims on a national scale. Recognizing the need for education, awareness and victim support, UNCHAINED strives to reach all who may be affected by trafficking or who are unaware of its effects on our community.

Visit their site at the following URL: http://unchainedmovement.org

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