Overview –Conspire is a collectively owned and operated multi-use artspace, gallery, boutique, library and café.  Members work together to construct an alternative space where artists and community members can cultivate, develop and link together with other artists, designers, jewelers, crafters and people who appreciate them.  Based on local interests and creativities Conspire aims to build local networks and cultivate relationships within the downtown phoenix arts community.

Project–  The Conspire social innovation project undertaken by students Brian Hennigan and Amanda Strobel is comprised of two primary sub-projects: (1) a promotional video and (2) an article for Conspire’s zine, Pholx.  The video seeks to identify and promote Conspire as a unique form of expression in downtown Phoenix. It weaves together photos, interview audio recordings, written text, and video footage. Through these combined mediums, the video touches upon several aspects of Conspire, including the organization as a cooperative enterprise, a platform for ad hoc political and artistic expression, a public space, and cultural center.  The short article, Art and Protest, written for Pholx, a local zine put out by Conpire project mentor Joey Grether, provides significant content for its May edition, posing a poignant question about the intersection of identity, art and politics. The alternative identity of Conspire as part of the social economy is considered in its relation to activism, protest art, and the construction of public space.

PROJECT REPORT  (Click below to view)

Conspire To Work Together



Click below to view ART AND PROTEST (Pholx, May edition)


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