Community Partners

IRC Phoenix
Since opening in 1994, the International Rescue Committee in Phoenix has helped resettle over 11,000 refugees. The Phoenix office is the largest resettlement program in the state of Arizona and offers a holistic approach to resettlement through the provision of diverse programming.

For more information see: IRC_Phoenix_Factsheet.pdf

Conspire is a collectively owned and operated multi-use artspace, gallery, boutique, library, and cafe. We aim to cultivate, develop, and link together artists, designers, jewelers, crafters, and people who appreciated them; provide space for them to work and connect, and a platform to display.  We work together to construct an alternative space where artists can shape and construct the entire operation.  Based on local interests and creatives we aim at localized networking and building relationships within the downtown Phoenix art community

For more information see: ConspireMissionStatement.pdf or visit

In 1970, the Cosanti Foundation began building Arcosanti, an urban laboratory in the high desert of Arizona, 70 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix. When complete, Arcosanti will house 5000 people, demonstrating ways to improve urban conditions and lessen our destructive impact on the earth.  Construction of the Arcosanti is designed according to the concept of arcology (architecture + ecology), developed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri.

For more information see:  ArcoSanti.rtf

Applied Learning Technologies Institute
The Arizona State University Applied Learning Technologies Institute alt^I is dedicated to the advancement of education through strategic partnerships in research, collaboration and action. The Institute brings together accomplished programmers and instructional designers, engineers and educators, researchers and students, working in concert with strategic industry partners to incubate and apply sustainable innovation.

For more information see:

Gila Farm Cooperative (GFC)
Gila Farm Cooperative (GFC) began in 2011 as an innovative collaboration between the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and new and established refugee communities in Phoenix’s Central Valley.  Bringing together twenty two refugee farmers from four countries, it is one of a very small number of multi-cultural farming/marketing cooperatives operating in the United States.  The New Roots Farm and Food Security Program at the IRC play an important role in the Arizona food system by helping nurture refugee farmers and promote sustainable farming and food security policies.   Stemming from this program, IRC staff, in conjunction with Uzbek, Togolese, Iraqi and Somali-Bantu refugee farmers formed GFC in their efforts to create a new CSA (community supported agriculture).  As a partnership between local farmers and community members who support them, the CSA serves as a major financial anchor to build the cooperative by enabling consumer members to buy a “share” of farmers’ harvest each season in exchange for ten weeks of fresh local produce.  Beyond providing direct benefits to both farmers and consumers, GFC plays a key role in community development, helping to builds relationships between local families, farmers and organizations, contributing to the local economy and encouraging
healthy living and eating!

For more information about Gila Farm Cooperative and their CSA please see

Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation (The Grow House)Roosevelt Row (RoRo) Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization recently established to build and advocate for community in downtown Phoenix, particularly along the Roosevelt corridor. While RoRo is focused on supporting the role of the arts and creating a diverse, and walkable urban environment, it is actively fostering urban renewal through a variety of projects including those associated with its Adaptive re-use of Temporary Space program (A.R.T.S.). Two urban agriculture and community garden projects associated with A.R.T.S. are the Growhouse garden and the Valley of the Sunflowers, both of which have been the focus of RoRo activities for the past year.  As part of a broader effort to reclaim vacant lots in downtown Phoenix, the Valley of the Sunflowers, is comprised of two acres of Sunflowers used by gardeners and artists as well as students working to utilize sunflower seeds to produce bio-fuels.  The Growhouse Garden is located in front and around the Roosevelt Growhouse, a community-based, public art experiment dedicated to the local food and handmade movement.

For more information about RoRo and the Growhouse, please see RoRo overview and/or visit the following sites: and

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