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Cooperatives and the UN goals for sustainability

The UN Millennium Development goals include ambitious aims to ensure environmental sustainability to be achieved by 2015. The UN is now in a process of evaluating achievements and making plans for the post-2015 period, which will emphasize sustainability. As a … Continue reading

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Arizona Adopts the Benefit Corporation

SB 1238 paves the way for the B corp in Arizona.  AZ joins 15 other jurisdiction in passing benefit corporation legislation.  In addition SB 1238 will create new possibilities for social entrepreneurship in Arizona. For more information about this new … Continue reading

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Globalization and Institutional Diversity

In the current moment of economic crisis and increasing cultural fluidity, there is a need for research that seeks a better understanding of how globalization shapes and is shaped by the development of the social economy.  The articles posted below … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Paired with environmental justice, discussions of sustainability begin with the assumption that the environment has become one of the most critical social and political issues of the 21st century.  In the midst of a rapidly changing global ecology, it is … Continue reading

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Conceptualizing Social Enterprises and the Social Economy

The articles introduced below discuss conceptual dilemmas related to defining the social economy, and related concepts–in particular social enterprises, social entrepreneurship and community based organizations.  In addition to introducing a variety of analytical and conceptual models, a number of pieces … Continue reading

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